Omolade Bangudu is a recent graduate from the University of North Texas. She received her B.A. in Journalism with honors, concentrating in Advertising along with a Photography minor. Omolade strongly believes that anything worth doing is worth planning well. Her committed work ethic to leave no detail untouched is what makes her stand out above the rest. However, all this talk is grounded in her love to have fun while working. What are some of these jobs?

Account Planner

Media Planner

Studio Photographer


Apart from mere work, Omolade is also a strong advocate for implementing “the beautiful” into tactical plans. Her photography minor has heavily influenced her to see the world differently and has allowed her to express thoughts and feelings through the looking glass. She hopes you see a little bit of her in every photograph.

Omolade will hold an internship with Publicis Media starting in June 2018 in NYC. She is also looking for ways to improve and expand her photographic work. Collaboration requests welcomed. To know more, use the contact tab or email her at: omoladebangudu@gmail.com