Omolade Bangudu is an Account Planner at SWOOP Agency and a senior at the University of North Texas studying advertising. In her spare time, you might find her taking a road trip with her friends, collating outfit ideas, strumming away on a guitar, or getting way too attached to the movie she’s watching.

Living in Waco, Texas for 14 years and getting familiar with the vast diversity of Texas, Omolade plans to start off her career in the Dallas-Fort Worth area where advertising agencies and creative marketing solutions are booming. She is looking to secure a job as a junior strategist after she graduates in May 2018. She is also open to relocate for employment. Her long-term career goals include becoming a more experienced strategist while maintaining her collaborative attitude and expanding her photography skills.

On this website, you will find her official and unofficial thoughts, ideas, posts, concepts, hobbies, campaigns, processes, photographs, and general brain matter. To contact Omolade, fill out the contact form or engage with her on social media. Enjoy! x