Why Advertisers Should Love Halloween

I’m not one to get into the dark side of Halloween. You know, the whole conjuring spirits, scary movies, demons, and serial killers. I don’t even have a history of dressing up every year either. But what I am here for are the wonderful displays of creativity that humanity seems to get an extra dose of once a year. Costumes.

Whether you celebrate the holiday or not, you should celebrate creative ideas. Halloween seems to bring out the best in everyone: the small little boy who hand made his milk jug costume, a group of college girls as Mean Girls, or the professional makeup artist who went pulled out everything in their kit to seemingly transform their DNA.

It’s amazing.

My favorite costumes happen to be the ones inspired by memes, TV/movie characters, musical artists, and inanimate objects.

*ding dong* “TRICK OR TREAT!”

“Oh, it’s a sink! I guess I should…let that sink in…”


All that said, advertisers should be paying attention to all this activity, because major holidays always give brands a platform to join a special conversation. Of course, making a Halloween post will need some strategy behind it just like anything else, but holidays are special. So why not use them? Halloween is already a day where funny and crazy things are expected, so get spooky. Find creative ways for your brand/product to relate to Halloween. For example, if I were Geico, I can picture little kids dressed up as the Geico Gecko for Halloween turning into some kind of hilarious commercial. Or office workers dressed up as him for a promo event. 30 pairs of lizard eyes staring at you? Creepy.


So advertisers, love the gift of holidays and don’t be scared to use them.

Happy Halloween. 

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