Staple items in any country tend to revolve around human necessities of food, drink, travel, and shelter. Products and brands that belong in these categories will often use a lifestyle selling point to reel in customers. You wouldn’t buy an Aston Martin for functionality. You would by it for the aesthetic is has and will give you. Food products can be even harder to sell for lifestyle purposes since the market is so saturated and most lack substantial differences. This task is even harder with international products that need to maintain a consistent brand image, but appeal to different audiences.

So let’s have some fun here. What would happen if a Texas product tried to dominate the British market? Let’s find out.



Dr. Pepper, a dark colored soft drink.


Why promote?

In Texas, cold drinks are a necessity because of the hot weather. Besides iced tea, soft drinks are very popular. In my opinion, Dr. Pepper ranks among the Big 3 Sodas alongside Coke and Sprite. Sodas are not as popular in the U.K. because of the regular cold weather, but I believe they can be during the summer months. Specifically, Dr. Pepper. I would say the Big 3 Sodas in the U.K. right now are Coke, 7-Up, and Fanta.



A publicity stunt would be perfect for a fun brand like Dr. Pepper. A lot can be done with their variety of flavors like Cherry Vanilla and diet products. The stunt could play on health care and physicians to ease up the healthcare tensions in the country. Flyers and business cards would be distributed into houses, and billboards would promote a new doctor is in town. Pop up “clinics” would appear across London hot spots offering quick services, but inside would be sampling of different Dr. Pepper products. Those who come in to pick their favorite will be left with a business card that doubles as a coupon to be used at a participating supermarket.



Billboards, business cards, Instagram, and Twitter will be the only targeted media. Pictures of the event will be posted to Instagram, and people can keep up with booth locations via Twitter. Although Dr. Pepper will be targeting adults 18-34, billboards are a heavily used medium in London. They’re in Tube stations and along streets, which takes care of all main transportation. Business cards can be a fun little collector’s item featuring Dr. Pepper flavors with art work. Collecting all the cards can be exchanged for a free 6-pack.


Would it work?

Yes, it would work in London. The pop-up booths would be great for popular places like Shoreditch, Notting Hill, and Brixton. They would blend in right alongside the market culture. As this stunt continues over the course of a month, Dr. Pepper will hopefully become a beverage of choice and a lifestyle brand in London.




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