Can we take a moment to talk about the Queen for a second? If I didn’t talk about the Queen at least once while being in London, I would feel as though I didn’t actually come to London.
Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

On Saturday, June 17, I was able to go to the Trooping of Color, a birthday celebration for the Queen. Her official birthday is April 21, but Britain being Britain, and the Queen being the Queen, she gets two birthdays. According to the Royal Family website, Queen Elizabeth II likes to spend alone time with her family on her real birthday, but there’s a day when the nation gets to celebrate too: Trooping the Color.
In short, the morning was filled with royal guardsmen procession lines and their marching bands. The bright red uniforms and the black furry caps looked beautiful in strict formation. As the parade continued, more guardsmen came in varying uniforms of green, gold and white, some on horses and some marching. Even the horses were stunning with their dark coats and adornments.

I’ve never been to a parade like this before, so I didn’t really know what to expect. All of a sudden, people started cheering and clapping as several carriages rode past, and it took me a moment to register who was in them: the Royal Family! Harry, Kate, Camilla, Prince Phillip, and the Queen herself. I thought their entrance would be much more extravagant and ravishing, but it wasn’t, and I appreciate that. They rode past quite quickly, and I was probably 30 feet away from them. It was honorable yet humbling.
One thing I noticed while standing behind the street barricades is that I didnt get pushed and shoved for the sake of a better view or picture. There has been a small debate as to whether or not the English are polite people. Granted, many people that were there were tourists, but I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t emerge from the crowd with bruises. Good job people.

Side note: There was a couple across from where I was standing that hung a Canadian flag on the barricade for the entire time of the parade. I’m assuming it was to show the world that Canada stands with the Queen, but it looked a little odd surrounded by thousands of British flags. 

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