I personally love a good couple mashup name. Props to you if you can guess these couple names: Baralle, Blyan, Steyesha.

Earlier in the week, our group took a trip over to Manchester and Liverpool for two days. We toured the BBC studios in Manchester, then had a day to explore Liverpool. When walking around Albert Dock and the city centre, I couldn’t help but notice how much Liverpool differed from London and how much the Beatles have influenced the city. Even Londoners I spoke to agreed that London is kind of the crazy odd man out in England.



London is a much bigger city, but it’s also quite crowded. Within Central London, it’s easy to get lost or miss a certain building since everything is so close together. The further out you go, the less overwhelming it will be. Liverpool is very spread out. The streets are wider and the buildings are not as high. Liverpool’s casual lifestyle is reflected in the city and its people.



One of the first things that surprised me upon arriving in Liverpool was how urban the city centre was. There are large, oddly shaped glass buildings right next to historic monuments. Liverpool’s docks also give it an edge that London doesn’t have. Maybe it’s the seagulls, maybe it’s the water, I don’t know. Life around the dock contains tourists, but also a large amount of locals. I got the sense that Liverpoolians are humble, proud, and wouldn’t give it up for anything.
Because London is very fast paced, it can be difficult to appreciate its beauty sometimes. However, the beautiful parks and Victorian-style housing help balance out the corporate and industrial parts of the city.


Iconic Attractions

Liverpool: Beatles, Docks, Festivals, and Museums
London: Monarchy, Thames River, Parks, Concerts, Festivals, and Museums



London will always be my first home, but I wouldn’t mind living in Liverpool. People are generally nicer than they are in London, but their accent will take some getting used to. This has probably been said a million and one times, but I recommend going to the Cavern Club if you’re into live music artists. I spent part of my 21st birthday here, and it was the best.

If you could pick any two of your favorite cities in the world, what would their mashup name be? Comment below.

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