“Well this car could be Systematic
Why it could be Greased Lightning!”

Unfortunately, or fortunately, my 2001 car is not Greased Lightning material. It’s not a complete eyesore, but it’s not “flexin’ on Instagram” worthy either. It gets me from A to B and rarely fails me.

However, every now and then something goes wrong, and I get anxious for 2 reasons:

  1. I live in a suburban part of America where public transportation is limited or expensive (yes, ridesharing counts). If my car goes out, I’m not going out, and neither are the people who rely on me for rides.
  2. Mechanics. Auto repair shops. Looking for a reliable, trustworthy one is nerve wrecking.

Sometimes it feels like I need to be a mechanic just to find another mechanic to speak their car language and get my car fixed. Granted, I know my general car parts and common problems that happen. But most times I just want my car fixed for a decent, non-scammed price.

No more relying on mom or dad to take my car to the shop when I’m not under their roof. I will drive my car into adulthood.

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