I have found that working through the digital process of editing and printing your photographs is almost therapeutic. Almost. If I were on a deadline to get (15) 16″x 20″ prints out to someone in 3 days and it’s day 2.5, and I still have to edit half the photos, and I’m running out of ink, paper, and patience, I would not feel relaxed. But when you have enough time and quality photos, then it’s beautiful to see your produce on a wall. I don’t consider myself a photographer just yet, and I’m not sure when I will. Perhaps when I’m at a certain level of confidence in my direction, knowledge, and quality of work. Until then, I’m happy shooting what I like, and printing what I love.

So, New Like #1 is: printing photos. Keep in mind that the widely claimed fact that printers smell your fear applies to photo printers as well. They smell it and proceed to print the opposite of what you want. Matte, glossy, satin, doesn’t matter. They will push your buttons with their buttons. Don’t give in. Reset and make art.

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