As much as I like to think I’m brave enough to face the flood of things that will crash into me as I get older, I’m not. I don’t think I’ll ever be Spongebob chanting “I’M READY” at the top of my lungs as some sort of pre-battle ritual before running into a storm head first. Contrary to popular belief, I’m a millennial that doesn’t think she’s invincible, *gasp* and I don’t think I’m entitled to anything I want. *double gasp*

I’m okay with that though. I have millions of other peers around me failing at adulting. In fact, we all acknowledge our shortcomings by the fact that the term “adulting” even exists and that we use it frequently. So, I’m deciding to make this entrance into adulthood public. A series of discoveries that many adults today will gladly acknowledge with a ” Welcome to the club, kid.” Welcome aboard and stay tuned on this tumultuous ride.

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